Tuesday, 29 January 2013

//Paul Smith AW 2013 Menswear Collection


All I want to say here is: LOOK AT THIS JACKET. At the expense of sounding like a complete cheese ball, it literally took my breath away as I almost scrolled past it on Style.com (such a sorry amount of my time is spent on that website). The combination of the multi-coloured retro print with the fur-lined hood, and along with its general puffiness that reminded me of old school jackets, resulted in a shining beacon that attracted me in an instant. And once again, Paul Smith is still yet to disappoint me.//

Thursday, 17 January 2013

//V&A: Fashion Festival

So I attended this event way back in December, but through all the Christmas to-do's and razzamatazz, and then going back to college so soon after the new year (sob), the all important write up I had planned to do completely slipped my mind!

It's an event that's been held annually for quite a few years now I believe, and is just a really relaxed day full of workshops and talks on everything fashion. Me and my cousin started the day with a talk on Visual Merchandising presented by a couple of people from Beyond Retro - it was fascinating to see where they get all their inspiration from for the monthly themes that Beyond Retro pride themselves on.

Next up was a talk by fashion journalist Hywel Davies, and I, being a budding fashion writer myself, enjoyed hearing all his tips and opinions on the industry. After popping into The V&A's lavish café, we headed back over to the auditorium where probably the most popular talk of the day was happening - one of my most favourite London designers, Mary Katrantzou, was in conversation with journalist Sarah Mower. She really is such an idol to me and has inspired my design work throughout college countless times. I literally can't express how awestruck I was throughout the whole talk!

Before rounding up the day with a talk from fashion photographer Peter Zownir, we also took part in a little workshop where we got a whirlwind introduction to fashion photography, organised by Anomalous Visuals. After about a 30 second lesson on lighting and cameras we were left to have a play around in their studio which was so much fun but annoyingly we weren't allowed to keep the photos we took.

The best part of the day, even though it was completely unscheduled, was talking with a really lovely guy who was a fashion writer, and he gave me so much great advice on applying to university and on writing and journalism in general. Talking to him reassured me that you don't have to be an über confident and obnoxious person to make it as a journalist!

// The V&A's café with it's humungous lights that fascinated us //

// 1. Visual Merchandising at Beyond Retro talk // 2. Looking down in the Sackler Centre where the festival took place // Mary Katrantzou being interviewed by Sarah Mower // Waiting for the fashion journalism talk to start //

The V&A Museum have always got a ton of events going on for young people. Check out what they have planned for the next few months here. As well as that, the museum has so many cool exhibitions on at the moment and even more coming up soon, so be sure to check them out here.

Did anyone else go to the Fashion Festival? Let me know what your thoughts were on the day, or any other events that you've been to at the V&A recently.//