Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nuclear Wintour


She is the most recognised woman in fashion. She is simultaneously respected and feared by everyone. Her ruthless power could make or break you. Anna Wintour is the name that even a lonely recluse living in the Outer Hebrides would have heard uttered at least once in his lifetime.

Her daunting reputation of being the most intimidating woman in fashion makes her so elusively unapproachable – even the thickest of skins who have dared to do so have been reduced to tears within seconds. Even friend of the devil herself, Barbara Amiel, was once quoted saying: "Anna happens to be a friend of mine, a fact which is of absolutely no help in coping with the cold panic that grips me whenever we meet."

So what reduced Anna to deserve the nickname: ’Nuclear Wintour? If I had to pinpoint I would say her twenty-three years at the helm of American Vogue has turned her into the icon she is today, to put it vaguely. Not only did she turn British Vogue on it’s head and revolutionize it in just a one-year stint, she then returned to the States as Editor-in-Chief to resurrect the slowly deceasing American Vogue also. But she couldn't have done all that and come out the other side with the nickname 'Angel Wintour', or 'Darling Wintour'?

What Wintour says, goes. She famously once said "You either know fashion or you don't," and I don't doubt for a second that she one hundred per cent meant it. There's no question that the woman is our very own devil in Prada. In true homage to Miranda Priestley, I don't imagine Wintour has ever yelled at an employee, she knows that a quietly but precisely executed few words in the style of Mrs Priestley touches more nerves than a rant from a raving lunatic.


Whether you love her or love to hate her, it's only because she is the fashion-omniscient that gives the industry both it's good and bad name all at once. With a backlog full of editorial successes like hers you can guarantee that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

//Keep smiling//

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New York Fashion Week SS13 Round Up

I've always been one to get sucked into the excitement of London Fashion Week, but this season I found myself really getting stuck into the New York shows as well. Seeing as it's always the first fashion week of the season New York was actually quite a few weeks ago now, but I still think that a little round up of my favourite shows is in order.




Recently I've found myself very drawn to soft feminine tailoring, and New York is always sure to have a lot of that on offer. I loved the pared back slouchy feel of this collection - very cool, relaxed and completely wearable. With a predominantly monochrome colour palette infused with inky navy, icy blue and sandy hues, at first the 'natural elements' was brought to the forefront of my mind, which would make sense as the inspiration behind the collection was the deep sea.




There was something of a nod to the sixties in many of the SS13 catwalks - in fact it was more of a head bang than a nod. It's come up as a theme ample times this season and Marc Jacobs followed suit when it came to the era of mods, The Beatles and free spirits. That aside though, his designs were completely contemporary. Models shot down the runway in an abundance of varying stripes that could only remind me of tv static. And bar codes. Combine this with adorable Mickey Mouse motifs and high crop tops paired with low-slung, hip-baring skirts and you've got yourself the sixties all bottled up into one five minute catwalk.




Elizabeth and James is Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's sister line of clothing to their main line, The Row. Inspired by travels around the world, laid back tailoring and beautiful draping are all in hues of terracotta and sherbet pink, making this collection of gorgeous playsuits, jumpsuits and separates bring back memories of summer holidays I wish I was back in.

//Keep smiling x//