Monday, 30 July 2012

Prairie Charms

I recently received this bracelet from the lovely people at Prairie Charms after getting involved with their collaborative venture, 'Project Blogger'. I chose the Laura friendship wrap bracelet as I thought it suited my style best, although there were so many other designs which I may be going back for another time.

Apart from the design I chose, every piece of jewellery has a really cute and inspirational saying for a name, such as 'Tomorrow is going to be the best day ever' and 'Peace comes from within', and their range is growing every day, already they are venturing out into brooches.

On top of that, the greatest aspect of Prairie Charms is that 10% of the profit from every purchase goes to Great Ormand Street Hospital's 'Kiss It Better' campaign, which is truly great for a fairly small brand to be making such a big statement like that. Plus it arrived in the most adorable parcel, wrapped in brown printed tissue paper and all tied up in pink bow, what's not to love about this brand?!

Styled with my Monki T-shirt and Topshop jeans, along with a few of my own bracelets and rings, I've worn it a lot over the past few days as it puts quite a pretty and girly spin on my not-so-girly wardrobe, and it makes just as good a statement stacked with other bracelets as it does on its own.

Pop over to Prairie Charms to check out their beautifully unique range and pick up your own brooch or bracelet before they're all gone!

Keep smiling x

Sunday, 29 July 2012

3 days in the 'London College of Fashion' life

I don't think I mentioned it on here (I know I certainly tweeted about it a lot) but this week I spent three days doing a short course on Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. It was such an eye-opening experience and one I won't ever forget. We were taught by a freelance journalist so we knew we were getting first-hand experience of what real life behind the glossy covers of magazines is really like, and that the information we were getting bombarded with was sure to be invaluable.

After arriving forty minutes early at the Lime Grove branch of the university, me and 11 other nervous girls were eventually led upstairs to the room where, over the next three days, we would be promised to be turned into fabulous young journalists. We spent the morning getting to know one another and finding out what the course would entail. I was amazed at how far some people had travelled just to be on this course - from as far as Brighton to Ireland, even Italy and Ukraine. Us Londoners were in the minority! We then spent some time getting to grips with some key knowledge of the fashion and journalism industries.

After our lunch break we were already being sent out on a field trip to Westfield White City shopping centre, which is literally a two minute walk from the uni - it's always a bonus to have Europe's second largest shopping mall a stone's throw away from where you study! Our task was to find a trend either within the stores, the street style, the shop fittings - basically anything goes as long as it was fashion-related and a story could be made out of it. It was a struggle for all of us to be walking around Westfield yet not being allowed to shop, but eventually we decided that our story would be based on the Olympic spirit (or lack of it) around the mall.

Our second day saw us present and write up the trend story we had found the day before to our tutor, and may I add, I think she loved our idea! Then for the afternoon another trip, this time to Coppernob design studios, situated just behind Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street. We got to have a snoop around the showroom and design studio before interviewing the design director on subjects like her work process and sustainability. By chance the CEO and owner or Coppernob was in the building whilst we were visiting so we also got to have an extremely intriguing interview with him, a man who can only be described as a 'typical fashion character', in other words, a very eccentric and passionate man indeed!

After all our trips out (which did involve some light shopping, of course!), the third and final day was a lot more educational based. A day spent in the classroom having discussions about everything and anything, from our favourite item of fashion to what makes for an unforgettable style icon. 

I was absolutely nerve-wracked before I started the course, what with knowing about the intimidating yet prestigious reputation LCF hold, however it was all for no reason as the tutor was unbelievably nice, and I met some fabulously interesting girls from all over the place who I sincerely hope to stay friends with as we would never have had the chance to meet each other without this course bringing us together. With the course spanning from writing styles to branding and advertising, fashion icons to interview techniques, I'm certain we have all taken something different away from the course, and I hope an improvement in my writing will be somewhat noticeable!

My next few posts will probably be quite article-based as I will be writing up some of the stories we concocted over the past week, but I hope these will still be of interest to everyone as they will generally be quite short and light-hearted pieces. On another COMING SOON note, I have a review of a Prairie Charms bracelet about to hit your screens soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that within the next few days as it's a real beauty.

Keep smiling x

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Topshop Unique AW12 drop

To me it always feels too early to start seeing heavy coats and wooly jumpers back on the shelves again, but this year the high street has been rolling the autumn/winter stock out particularly early due to the miraculous disappearance of our UK summer, and let's face it, jumpers and cardigans can sell for way more than strappy camisoles can. So today Topshop dropped their autumn/winter Unique collection which I have been desperately anticipating since watching the show online back in February - yes, sadly I am one of those people who spends the majority of every London Fashion Week glued to my laptop, live streaming all the shows.

What's amazing is that between this morning when the collection went live on the website and when I went to screengrab a few pictures for this post this afternoon, half the clothes I had 'oohed' and 'ahhed' over hours before had already sold out and disappeared from the site! It's priced extortionately high yet it is still flying off the virtual shelf! Who is buying it all?!

Here's how Topshop sum up the collection: 
For AW12 the Topshop girl has grown up. But leave all notions of prim at the door, because this is grown-up dressing like you've never seen it before! Our in-house design team started their journey months ago, taking inspiration from uniform in all its guises. So military came to the fore, but also urban uniform dressing, like peaked caps, exposed zips and boots made for stomping. They dreamt the collection up as a stream of pieces to be seen on the runway and worn on the street.
As I mentioned in my previous post, funds for summer are running worryingly low so I guess for now I will stick to gazing at the £295 jumper from afar. Sob.

Oh and I almost forgot! I have some pretty exciting news, I recently became a contributing fashion writer for, so from now on I may occasionally be subtly urging you to check out what I've been writing over there, too! Or if you follow me on twitter @Georgia_NGreen you can get instant updates on when my articles go up.

Keep smiling x

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ibiza, baby!

I am being driven positively insane at the moment - partially due to the miserable London weather, but mostly due to the fact that my mother will not shut up about said dreary weather. It's amazing the amount of times one person can call me in a day purely to fill me in what the weather is doing! It's insane behaviour, and I can only blame those ghastly grey, looming clouds for the whole of Britain's ridiculous OCD on this topic, and for the sorry lack of vitamin D in all our bodies. BAD BRITISH CLOUDS. All I can say is, "Bring on Ibiza, baby!" In three weeks I will be blissfully sunning myself on the gorgeous island of Ibiza, and I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm bragging, but it's probably because I am! I don't even care, I can't contain my excitement!

So to get me in the holiday mood I've been whiling away the hours by pouring over summery clothes on the internet, and I thought I'd put together another little wishlist, Ibiza style! Big emphasis on the 'wish' though, I seem to be burning through my 'summer funds' awfully quickly and it's barely mid-July, oops...

A lightweight, pretty black cami is what I've been searching for for what feels like ages now, and this one from Yayer seems to be a perfect fit to what I've been looking for, plus it's reduced, score!
(picture from:
I've always been one to go for brightly patterned bikini's because holidays seem to be the only time that I properly splash out on the colour, but I thought it was time I went for a more pared down design, just to add that sophisticated edge to my extensive collection of swimwear. To me, a simple black bikini seems to have that same air of class and sexiness as a little black dress does, and I can do with all the help I can get in these areas! This one's from Topshop.
(Picture from:{1}~[black]^category~[209809|208534]&noOfRefinements=2)
Another Yayer item! Their newly dropped vintage 90's range had me going weak at the knees, and I think this dress needs to be in my life. I don't even have a reasonable explanation as to why, other than it rocks, just like the rest of the collection.
(Picture from:
I recently chopped my hair and returned it back to it's natural state of a middle parting (growing out the shaved side I had!), and although it's shameful to say, one of the main reasons I did this was so I could wear a headchain. I hang my head in shame at being so drastic as to cut and totally restyle my hair just so I can cash in on a trend, but my god I love these headchains so much! I'm not too sure if this is the one I'll definitely get, but it's from BizArtGallery via Etsy.
(Picture from:
Another Etsy beauty, this time in the form of a crop top reworked from vintage fabrics. Sunclassix do some amazing pieces of clothing in crazy awesome fabrics, to be honest it was a pretty tough decision to make when I was deciding which one to use on the wishlist, if I could have them all I would do so in a heartbeat.
(Picture from:

Oh and I can proudly say that despite them being discontinued and completely sold out online, I managed to nab myself a pair of the Topshop denim shorts from my previous wishlist post. I did have to buy them one size up from what I usually get, but it's nothing a belt can't fix!

Keep smiling x

P.s Is anyone saying the title 'Ibiza, baby!' how Joey from Friends says "London, baby!"?

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Better late than never eh?! As promised, just a few outfit shots from the weekend in Brighton, and also as promised, this will be the last Brighton-related post. The weather, of course, kept to the true British style of being completely unpredictable so we hadn't a clue what to pack for, which resulted in each of us cramming half our wardrobes in to our suitcases to prepare us for whatever weather should come our way. I guess this kind of worked in our favour as at least we had an extensive range of outfit possibilities!

Even though these first pictures make it look deceivingly like we were somewhere positively tropical, we were still on the British coast so the gale force winds were at full throttle - cue utterly windswept hairstyles.

I'm wearing: Jacket - The Ragged Priest, Top - H&M, Jeans - Primark, Flatforms - Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses - Primark.

Karolina (right) is wearing: Jumper - New Look, Top - H&M, Jeans - Primark, Shoes - Topshop, Sunglasses - H&M.

Anya (left) is wearing: Jumper - Pretty Snake (via Etsy), Dress - Laura Ashley (charity shop), Shoes - Topshop.

Friday evening turned a little chillier to say the least, but nevertheless we dolled ourselves up to go out for a meal. It bothers me that I still look a wee bit awkward in front of a camera, however both my friends seem to be much more at home in front of the lens than I am!

Karolina (left) is wearing: Denim shirt - Vintage Wholesale, Top - H&M, Jeans - Primark, Shoes - Topshop, Necklace - H&M, Sunglasses - Primark.

Anya (right) is wearing: Jacket - Levi's, Shirt - Absolute Vintage, Skirt - M&S, Shoes - Doc Marten, Earrings - Primark.

I'm wearing: Cardigan - Charity shop, Top - Charity shop, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Urban Outfitters, Necklace - Topshop, Headband - Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses - H&M.

Saturday saw yet more shopping (surprise surprise!). Despite that there wasn't actually any rain, Karolina was determined to wear her new raincoat, purchased the day before, so lo and behold she did just that! And I'm not quite sure why I look so rough here, but in hindsight I'm thinking maybe I should have donned some big sunglasses too. Friday's late night had clearly caught up with me...

I'm wearing: Cardigan - Charity shop, Dungarees - Brick Lane Vintage Market.

Karolina is wearing: Raincoat - Topshop, Sunglasses - H&M.

Keep smiling x

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Rumble in Brighton: A photo diary of...

If Brighton had a blazing sun in the sky and a sandy beach, it would truly have the whole package. This weekend just gone that my friend's and I spent down there was perfect, and luckily enough the rain managed to hold off too! Being fashion students, and also crazy shopaholics, we spent the majority of our time looking round all the shops that Brighton - and even Hove! (we got very lost) - have to offer, from high street to charity shops, boutiques to street markets, we made sure that we paid a good visit to them all. Our nights consisted of a Kate Nash gig at The Haunt on Thursday which was like a bucket list item being ticked off for all of us (slight fan-girls). Friday night we went to an American themed diner on the seafront which was such a laugh, cheesy chips and extreme amounts of Oreo milkshake were had by all. To top off the night we took a trip down to the pier where we wasted away a few pennies in the arcade and took a very eerie walk around the desolate funfair - very creepy indeed!

I could bang on about how much I loved this part of the world so much more because it's just such a beautifully diverse place - photo opportunities around every corner! - and because we went before the school's break up we got to see the town quite peacefully, despite the hordes of stag and hen parties sprawled across the town come Saturday night. They were good to have a laugh at though. 

View of the square from our balcony, if you looked in the other direction you could see the sea but annoyingly some council cretins decided to start building works right in our view so it didn't make for a very nice picture.

My beautiful friends, Anya and Karolina. Dipping their toes in the waves.

Yep, we went for it, shorts came off and we went in to the freezing British waters, right up to our necks in the end.

Friday night - Kate Nash performing with her two support acts, Shuga and John Jackson, before her main set.

The incredible and gorgeous lady herself,  Kate Nash gave an amazing performance. She's got such a kind heart too as she invited a couple to come up and sit on the stage whilst she sang! <3

Fat seagull made us all jump out of our skin when he came to say hi on our balcony!

A very curious shop, indeed. The Lanes.

My favourite shop in The Lanes, filled with ornate silverware and beanbags which we took full advantage of, of course! I forgot to catch the name of this shop though, bad blogger...

I'd never heard of this building before, but Anya insisted to us that it was what Brighton was most famous for!

Sipping cider on the beach at midnight. Thought seeing as we weren't allowed to take our drink on the pier itself we would do the next best thing and sit next to it.

If you're wondering where all the obligatory outfit posts are, don't worry they will be on the way in another post very soon. Three consecutive posts about my Brighton antics is probably slightly excessive and will bore you to death, but I am trying my hardest to keep this post from having 30+ photos in it!

Keep smiling x 

Ps. As you've probably noticed I've done a little redecorating on the blog as well, I just thought it needed jazzing up a bit so I threw together a few photos that were knocking around on my laptop, any thoughts on the new look?

Pps. Saying that I 'threw together a few photos' makes me sound very nonchalant and that it took me a matter of minutes, frustratingly it did not and I spent the whole morning tucked up in bed doing it!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Brighton via Instagram

On Thursday me and two of my college gals, Anya and Karolina, took a little train ride down to Brighton for the weekend to see Kate Nash play (eep!) and soak up the amazing vibe of the British seaside town (plus it's Rizzle Kicks' hometown - gotta love those boys!). Whilst I get together a proper post full of our Brighton thrills and excitement, here's a few Instagram snaps taken by Anya and yours truly over our stay. And on the instagram note, if you want to check out more of my shenanigans my instagram name is @whatgeedid. Anyone else been down to Brighton recently? I'd love to know what you thought of the place, my expectations were high but I was not disappointed!

My Instagrams:

/ 1. We raced down to the beach to get our tootsies out on what was a very pebbly beach  / 2. Kate Nash graced us with an incredible gig on Thursday night  / 3. Feeling veryveryvery full up on cheesy chips at... / 4. ...JB's Diner for dinner on Friday! / 5. Heart attack on a plate / 6. My milkshake brings all the boy to the yard / 7. Oreo Milkshakes / 8. "Karolina, stick your head inside this shark!" / 9. First time sushi-ing /

Anya's Instagrams:

/ 1. Feeling very proud that we got ourselves all the way from London to Brighton, we rewarded ourselves with a chillax on the balcony / 2. Yes, I went in the sea in my undies. Someone had to do it / 3. Watching the waves on the bandstand / 4. Brighton's answer to the Taj Mahal / 5. Photomatic fun / 
6. More vintage shoes than you could shake a stick at /

Keep smiling x