Tuesday, 9 April 2013

//Spring Shoe-spiration

I've got a lot of love for Topshop's shoes lately, especially their heels. There's a whole load of chunky heels going on in there at the moment, and I'm definitely a girl who loves a bit of chunky heel action. Surprisingly, although the heels are still fairly pricey - mostly in the £50-60 range - I could swear that Topshop's heels used to be more in the £70-80 range? I could be wrong, but this pleased me somewhat. The boots however, still disappointingly high in price, but I have been wanting some 'clunky' ankle boots with all the straps and buckles and whatnot for a while.


I'm particularly loving the wooden heels, I've been searching for some for a while, so when I saw these Topshop ones I was all over them. I've gone mostly for the black versions of each shoe cause if there is only one thing I have learnt in my 18 years of life so far, it's that coloured or patterned shoes don't get half as much wear as plain/dark coloured pairs. I bought light-tan coloured chelsea boots once, big mistake. However contrary to everything I just said, I am particularly attracted to all things yellow at the moment, hence the yellow pair. Not sure why, just am.//

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